StakeShare Coin or SSX is a masternode coin with 2 innovative solutions:

Staking.Live: Innovative online PoS pool platform with clear info and stats.
StakeShare System : New era of PoS profitability with minimum garanted profit.

Name and Ticker: STAKESHARE – SSX
Max Supply: 14 M
Algorithm: Xevan
Network Spec: Masternode & PoS
Collateral: Step up : 1000 to 8000
Block Time: 60 Sec.
Premine :~ 2.4%
Exchange: Crypto-Bridge – Crex24

SSX Coin Features

Staking Live is a platform which revolutionizes the Proof-Of-Stake system in order to enable every user to take advantage of all the staking benefits. It’s an innovative way to earn money, whatever the amount is, through an easy and automatic process, whether you are alone or part of a community with listed coins from the platform.

With this system, the “Stakers” combine their coins and the received rewards are fairly distributed among all the members according to their investment. Therefore, it reduces a lot the time needed for staking compare to when this activity is done individually. A high quantity of clustered coins allows a faster and a more regular creation of rewards.

The user can predict in advance the profit they will make depending on their new investment, in a profitable and steady way through the action of the community on the selected coin.

SSX Block Rewards System

Team is KYD (verified developers): Jim E., Raphael P., Quentin M. and Nicolas C.