Pirl coin is community based network controlled by nobody, is NOT a Token, an ICO or ETH and has an open source philosophy.

Pirl is is ASIC resistant and the first Eth fork Masternode coin, inspired by the Eth with goal of facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers securely through an entirely automated process. Masternode is an enabler to achieve this objective; also in the works is a decentralized marketplace platform where users can buy and sell their goods and services in a secure and automated environment.

Everyone can contribute to make PIRL better! PIRL will remain forever Proof of work (PoW)!

Why create a new crypto currency ?

We want to create a cryptocurrency that can be useful for all people for day-to-day usage. A system that can allow non-technical users to be easily be a part of the new digital money world. Our goal and principle is to keep things simple and easy with value for everybody.

We also want to put miners and nodes at the center of the process.
Without miners, the start of a new crypto will not be possible and without node owners, we would not be able to maintain the network.


Some features will be developed to be incentive:

The owner of a secure node will be rewarded with a percentage of the transaction made and based on their uptime.
That will help to build a decentralized network not owned by anybody and giving resources to maintain the network for the node owner.

The network transactions will be validated by the miners and only them.
Ready to run contracts to facilitate transactions between third parties.
Developing a decentralized marketplace that can be used by companies or individuals that wish to exchange goods without third party.

The Pirl blockchain will be used to run smart contracts.
Users interfaces and online decentralized store will be developed to run on nodes that ensure no single point of failure or controlled by large cloud providers.





– Windows wallet: http://release.pirl.io/downloads/wallet/windows/Pirl-Nautilus-Wallet-win64-0-0-2.zip
– Mac wallet: http://release.pirl.io/downloads/wallet/mac/Pirl-Nautilus-Wallet-0.0.2-mac.zip
– Linux wallet: http://release.pirl.io/downloads/wallet/linux/Pirl-Nautilus-Wallet-linux64-0-0-2.deb
– Web wallet: https://wallet.pirl.io/

Pirl is available in whattomine here: http://whattomine.com/coins/211-pirl-ethash and as of today is profitable to mine or hodl. Do you run PIRL MN ? Let us your comments.