Nodebase is a masternode coin with the following features: one click masternode hosting, MN manager, shared masternodes, MN marketplace and profit converter.

Ticker: NDB
Supply: Infinite
Consensus: POS (20% staking / 80 % masternodes)
Block Time: 2 mins
Premine: 100,000 NDB
Masternode Colateral: 1000
NDB CoinName: NodeBase (NDB)

As of 9 November 2018:

ROI (annual): 407.20% / 90 days
Paid rewards for masternodes: 3,458.4000 NDB
AVG masternode reward frequency: 5h 9m 47s
Active masternodes: 310
Supply: 478,018 NDB
Coins locked: 310,000 NDB (64.85%)

2018 roadmap for NDB includes the launch on the masternode hosting, first iteration or the manager and launch of shared masternode hosting. In 2019 the market place is going to launch followed by escrow service and profit converter.

NDB Roadmap




Currently coin is listed on Crypto Bridge exchange, with a current price of $0.105555. Discussions with other exchanges are in progress.

Trade NDB on: CryptoBridge