JSEcoin platform allows  webmasters (publishers) earn revenue by placing an opt-in code snippet on their site’s footer, while desktop miners can mine using their browser, app or mobile.

You can withdraw JSE tokens from platform to any ERC-20 compatible wallet like MEW (MyEtherWallet), MetaMask or Parity. Curent fee is 118 JSE (cheap, considering 118 x 0.006 are $0.708 – when price goes up, number will be lower).

MEW can be run locally and offline, as well from https://www.myetherwallet.com/ address. The reason you would like to run it locally and not from their address is because DNS was hacked back in april 2018 and funds stolen. Running it locally, you are sure are not connected to their DNS and safe to use it. The safest way is to run MEW locally from a laptop, used just for crypto access, transfers and deposits (not used for daily browsing and gaming) guarded by antivirus and firewall, free of viruses.

How to run MyEtherWallet from your PC, and not from their GitHub server:

1. Download the latest release of MEW from here: kvhnuke/etherwallet github, now version v3.22.3. Click on etherwallet-v3.22.3.zip (or latest version) to download on your laptop.

MEW 3.22.3

2. Open MyEtherWallet, by clicking the index.html file, that will open default browser.

MEW online

3. Check if your address in browser is like
file:///xxxpath/etherwallet-v3.22.3/etherwallet-v3.22.3/index.html (or similar)

4. Enter Send Ether & Tokens, access your wallet and send JSE by using MEW locally.

We hope you enjoy our JSE guide, inspired from official kb which includes also a tutorial on how to run MEW offline as well.