HBF is POW coin based on ETH with DHI (distributed hotel interface) based on mist Ethereum browser.

– HBF symbol
– Dagger Hashimoto algorithm (asic resistan)
– 9 hotelbyte reward per block
– proof-of-work (PoW) system
– unlimited supply
– public blockchain for all the hotel search, booking functionalities
– private blockchain to store sensible data about the booking guests (maintened by the hotel or intermediary with our support)
– no more intermediates between the hotel and user, instant payment to the hotel, real hotel experience for the user.

If you are a hotel… Try to imagine the full control on room rate, the full price adjustment no matter the intermediaries commissions, the hotel position based on real experiences and not depending on negotiations for demanding contracts with integration or reservation platforms…

If you want to be the first to innovate, if you want to take control of your services, without depending on demanding negotiations with integration platforms, pricing control, time to market, etc., if you want to received true experiences of your guests, or simply be exclusive and luxurious, this is your project!

If you are a user… Do you remember how many hotel booking websites are there? Surely you only remember those who can afford to spend huge amounts of money in marketing and positioning, and although it seems that there is healthy competition and a wide offer really is not, there are people who reserve the same room paying up to twice as much as another that does it for another channel.

So, what is the reason to have five different room rates for the same hotel, if at the end you are going to enjoy in the same way? This is not supply and demand, it is a succulent business that does nothing but hide the most important thing that is the hotel experience, with real added value and not by commissions resulting from negotiations and monopolies of the biggest players in this sector.

We want you to have more than one price per room, yes! But we want this due to one room offers massage and the other room does not, for example! If you want to purchase a hotel service and pay for a real service, without hidden fees, without wasting time saving money, besides having a voice and vote, this is your project.


– official pool: https://hbc.openminingpool.org
– pool list : https://minerpool.net/pools/hotelbyte/
– https://github.com/hotelbyte/distributed-hotel-interface/releases
– whitepaper: https://github.com/hotelbyte/whitepaper
– explorer: https://explorer.hotelbyte.org/

HBF is not available on whattomine and as of today you can make $5.60 with 100 MH/s.


  1. DO NOT waste your time with this project !!!
    In January I was mining for 15 days plus trading when price was 6000 again LTC on Stock exchange and trade, and from February I was put all 55k coins to my wallet on Chrome extension.
    Today my wallet is EMPTY only HBF I have like HBF and no coins. Fuck them !!!

    God gave them the hands of the fraudulent ones, and God looked at them and interrupted them in this world

    SCAMERSSSSS, they deleted all, tweeter, FB, Instagram, web site,…

    If new Dev can return all my coins then is OK, otherwise project is dead !!!


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