Genom [GEN] is a proof-of-work eth cryptocurrency with 9 GEN reward per block, no premine and 100 million total supply, powered by Masternodes and Smart Contracts.

Smart Contracts – Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible.
Masternodes – Minimum 10000 GEN required – no presale.

Name: Genom
Symbol: GEN
Type: Proof-of-Work
Algorithm: Ethash
Total Supply: 100 million
Target Block Time: 10 sec
Total block reward: 9 GEN
Reward users: 8 GEN
Reward dev: 1 GEN

Reward node: 1 GEN – after the masternodes is ready, the hardfork will be held and the reward will be changed. At the moment, the award is given in favor of miners.

Pools: 0% PPLNS 1% PPSW reward scheme

Web Site :
Explorer :
Online Wallet :
Social: https://

Genom Coin

Website launch (ready)
Web wallet (ready)
Main net (ready)
Own pool (ready)
Explorer site (ready)
Desktop and portable wallets own development (in development, Q1-Q2) <—- Next step. Create our own GUI.
Mobile app (in development, Q2)
Masternode Platform (in development, Q2-Q3)
Exchange listing (in development, soon)
Token reward holders (in development, Q2-Q3)

Genom is not available on whattomine or exchanges yet, and with 100 MH/s you can mine 245 GEN coins. What do you think about this coin, are you mining it? Let us know below.