EtherZero [ETZ] is a Masternode coin forked 1:1 from Ethereum at 4936270th block with 0 TX Fee, 10000+ TPS and 194 million supply.

ETZ enhances the Masternode from Dash, which improves the internal economic system of EtherZero and can definitely stabilize and raise the price of the coin.

EtherZero is a new generation of smart contract development platform launched by a group of professional DAPP developers to meet DAPP development. It’s a hard forked project based on Ethereum framework. The Ethereum’s traditional gas fee system is abandoned by the EtherZero, which makes the transaction of each transaction, including those in the smart contract, costs 0 transaction fee. We think that only 0 transaction fee of DAPP can truly fall to the ground and meet people’s daily use needs.

The network layer of Ethernet is composed of two level network: Master Node network and traditional PoW node network: Master Node network is responsible for transaction verification, PoW network is responsible for block packing and synchronization. The unique double-layer network structure of EtherZero make Instant Pay function was supported by smart contract, which does not need to wait for more than a dozen pieces of block confirmation (minutes to dozens of minutes).

At the same time, because the network structure using this feature, the EtherZero will be able to support thousands of, tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands transaction per second(TPS). Although the Dash coin could achieve the same TPS, but EtherZero support Turing complete smart contract, so that it can support the development of a wider range of DAPP.


Fork height: 4936270th block
Time: Jan 20th 2018 GMT 10:30-12:30
Total suppy: 194million=97million from hard fork+97million for reservation
The 97million from reservation is divided in to:
Pre-sale 20million: 1ETH= 3300 ETZ, will be locked for 4 terms, unlock 20% every 20 days
Reserved: 77millionTotal suppy: 194million=97million from hard fork+97million for reservation
Total supply 194million/ 11700=1.65, so the presale changed from 1:200/133 to 1:3300, which would provide larger possible profit for our early investors.
Those who already invested in EtherZero would get the same ratio as now, that is 1ETH= 3300 ETZ.

ETZ Roadmap

Pools :


EtherZero is not available on whattomine and as of today you can make 4.65 ETZ with 100 MH/s, buy order price on yobit is 0.00075008 BTC, thus making it a profitable coin to mine.