Ether-1 is using a fork (with the same code-base, but different chain) of the ETH protocol to base ETHO network on. The network will use the popular Ethash PoW algorithm for consensus generation and will evolve with any up-stream ETH protocol changes.

This currency will offer the incentive to both publicly contribute to the consensus mechanism along with incentivizing people to operate their own masternodes. It will also power the DNS-like data hosting mechanism keeping the entire system based completely on public consensus.

Algorithm: Ethash
Target Block Time: 13 secs
Total Block Reward: 13 ETHO
Miner Reward: 10 ETHO / Block
Masternode Reward: 2 ETHO / Block
Ether-1 Treasury Deposit: 1 ETHO / Block
Network ID: 1313114
RPC Server:


Branding/Website: April 2018 (Complete)
Network Explorer: April 2018 (Complete)
Web Wallet: April 2018 (Complete)
Mining Pools: May 2018 (Complete)
Exchange Listings: June 2018
Basic Masternode Deployment: July 2018
Additional Wallets (IOS, Android, etc): August 2018
Advanced Masternode Deployment: August 2018
Public Decentralized Forum/Board Utilizing & Testing: Q4 2018
Advanced Masternode/Content Sharing Protocol (Testing Phase): Q4 2018
Subdomain Implementation of Content Sharing Protocol: Q4 2018
Custom Top – Level Domain Deployment: Q1 2019
Fully Decentralized Social Media Platform: Q1 2019
Further Roadmap to Be Determined By Community Need/Direction: To Be Determined

Ether-1 Masternode / Service Node Network:

ETHO Masternode Coin

Mining Pools: (Official Pool)

Social Media:


ETHO is not available on whattomine and as of today you are making 107 coins with 100 MH/s (worth $5.31).