JSE coin is simple to use and if you have a browser (chrome, mozilla) or own a website you can mine this cryptocurrency.

JSE is providing a new way for website owners to monetize their content as an alternative to displaying ads. This may be preferable for sites where space is at a premium or banner advertising is not appropriate. It could also be used in conjunction with existing traditional advertising methods as an additional revenue stream.

The code snippet is copied and pasted from the platform on to a publishers website(s). A privacy and opt-out notification is displayed to provide transparency with the website visitor.

The javascript is loaded as a post-page-load async process so it will not disrupt website performance and the user experience is not affected.

JSE system does not do any hidden background mining.

If you don’t have a website you can earn coins by using a browser, open platform, go to Mining tab and start mining :

Start Mining JSE

* if you want you can change hash acceleration setting from 1 to 9 (CPU power):

JSE acceleration settings

Here is how it looks when mining :

Stop Mining JSEcoin

To always mine you need to “stay on mining or have it “open in new window” with mining running, if you want to use computer for youtube, facebook or anything else and also mine.

The code running on the users browser is not resource intensive in the same manner as traditional GPU and CPU mining programmes. The additional CPU usage and power
consumption will be negligible because the code only consumes excess CPU power available to the browser.

JSE is a crypto currency easy to understand and mine. Coin value will rise as mining will be harder and trading will pump the price as demand will increase by using both browser mining and website mining features into a single coin.

Antiviruses are targeting browser based mining and they may mark as threat, but mining is a not installing anything in your PC and is SAFE to disable antivirus or add to exceptions if site is not opening or mining is not starting. Read JSE whitepaper for more details.

start for JSE

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