Atheios [ATH] is a PoW stable Proof of Work cryptocurrency based on Ethereum and Ubiq without premine or ICO.

Algorithm: Dagger Hashimoto
Block Time: 22 seconds approx
Block Reward: See Monetary Policy below
Premine: 0
RPC Server Port: 8696
Websocket RPC Server Port: 8697
Network Listening Port: 30696
Network Discovery Port: 30697
Network ID: update_after_launch
Chain ID: update_after_launch (EIP 155 Replay Attack Protection compliant)
Forked from Gubiq v1.5.12
Ubiq Flux Difficulty Algo.

The Atheios Web Wallet (fork of MyEtherWallet) is currently available on Testnet if you would like to create a wallet before Mainnet launch.

Web Wallet:

Atheios Desktop Wallet:


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